1. Black Panther/Winter Soldier Team Up

One of the post credit scenes for Captain America: Civil War has Bucky deciding to be
put back into cryostasis until they can figure out a way to un-brainwash him. This is an
interesting move considering that they have been hinting since the first Captain America
that Bucky would eventually succeed Steve as our star spangled hero. With Civil War
deviating from the comics and leaving Rogers very much alive but on the run throws a
wrench into a million fanboy theories.

Sebastian Stan is signed to a 9 picture deal, meaning that we are going to be seeing his
face around for a long time. Are they possibly planning on leaving him in deep sleep until
after the events of Infinity War to carry on the mantle as the new Captain America? This
would be a viable solution to the problem of having him team up with Iron Man once the
inevitable invasion of earth begins. As possibly foreshadowed in Tony Stark's AOU vision.

Another option however, is that since he's safely frozen in Wakanda that we'll see Black
Panther wake the former Winter Soldier up in order to get his help in fighting off whoever
ends up attacking his nation. Possibly even against another MCU character who also lost
his arm?

As Steve mentions to T'Challa, there is a high probability "they" will be coming for him.
With both characters now operating outside of the Accords, it would make sense for the
two to team up. We are going to get a similar adventure already with Mark Ruffalo joining
Chris Hemsworth in Thor Ragnarok. Throwing a popular character like Bucky in with
Black Panther would most definitely increase the box office numbers. and in a universe
where heroes are crossing over with increasing frequency, it would not be outside the
realm of possibility.
Captain America: Civil War Spoilers
Below are spoilers for Captain America: Civil War.   Seriously these are spoilers for
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2. The Captain/Nomad Arc

Civil War wraps up with the Steve breaking the incarcerated Avengers out of the Raft.
Having laid down his shield this could possibly set up a new Steve Rogers arc where he
goes rouge, just as he has on multiple occasions. During these hiatus's Rogers has
gone under several monikers including "Nomad" and "The Captain".

During at least one of the "rogue" arcs the government re-sanctioned the super soldier
project in order to replace him. We have already seen a similar thing happen back in the
Incredible Hulk with none other than Civil War Antagonist Thaddeus Thunderbolt Ross.
Could the now Secretary of State once again bring the program out of moth balls in
order to create an alternate Cap. Or even worse, the Red Hulk? Chances are that
Abomination is not going to be the last MCU character affected by the Super Soldier
3. Scarlet Witch and The Vision

This is another one of those things that the MCU has been dropping hints about since
the first time these characters were introduced. Where exactly they will go from here is a
little blurry seeing as they have taken different sides in the Civil War conflict. This movie
however makes it clear that their powers are very closely connected. The Infinity Stone
which birthed The Vision also unlocked the powers of both Wanda and her late brother
Pietro/Quicksilver. Showing Wanda being able to take control of the stone sets up a very
interesting path to be followed, especially with the fact that Vision has a bulls-eye literally
on his forehead when Thanos comes knocking.
4. Ant-Man: Fugitive Again

Of all of the Avengers in this movie, it is arguably one of it's newest recruits whose life
has been changed the most. At the end of Ant-Man Scott Lang was able to clear his
name and reconcile with his daughter and ex-wife. This time however it is not just the
police that are after him but the United Nations. He is an escaped convict of arguably the
most high security prison in the MCU and is now in direct violation of the Accords.

This puts Ant-Man Director Peyton Reed in the precarious position of dealing with the
repercussions of Scott's actions in Civil War. He already has another movie lined up with
Ant-Man and the Wasp, the title already letting us know we will get to see Hope Van
Dyne in the suit her mother wore before her. How will Hank Pym deal with Scott now
possibly one of the most wanted men in the world? My guess would be that we will see
Pym take an active role in trying to undermine Stark and the Accords, as we have
already seen the Rocky relationship he had with Tony's father Howard in the Ant-Man
prologue. It's possible even that we may see other 'Secret Avengers' pop up.
5. Thunderbolt Back In Action

The former General Ross has got to be unhappy with The Avengers being sprung from
captivity. This marks the second time that his plans have been undone thanks to various
enhanced individuals.

There is a good chance that this isn't the last time that we see the Secretary of State.
Smart money would rest on Ross acting as some type of antagonist in the future,
especially with his arch nemesis The Hulk presumably returning to earth in the near
future. As mentioned earlier, there is a very good chance that we are going to get the
Red Hulk at some point, if for no other reason than it makes sense to the universe that
has been established. Ross injecting himself with the Super Soldier Serum as a type of
contingency plan would definitely not be outside his character.
6. Spider-Man Comes Home

Spider-Man has a surprisingly meaty role in Captain America: Civil War in which he
becomes very much ingrained in the mythos of the MCU very quickly. Contrary to
original fears that he would have a very small cameo that would never be referenced in
his new standalone movie, the Russo Brothers have taken it upon themselves to entwine
him very close to the heart of the MCU. And that heart is none other than Ironman
himself who acts as both a mentor and in some ways a farther figure to the teenage

A really interesting concept that could be explored would be the fallout of Civil War on
Peter. What happens when he realizes that Stark was manipulating him, and how will
their relationship continue to grow. Robert Downey Jr. has already been confirmed to
share the screen in the newest Spider-Man so I'm expecting that we will get to see that
mentorship continue.
7. Black Widow Goes Solo

Black Widow had the role of double agent in Civil War. Being that she is one of the most
deadly spys on the planet it should have come as no surprise that she would be playing
both sides. What is interesting is that at the end of the movie, like a lot of other Avengers
she finds herself on the run.

This is especially interesting considering that she was so concerned with whiping out the
"red" in her ledger in the Winter Soldier. Even after 5 movies with Natasha, there is still a
huge aura of mystery surrounding her. We got to see glimpses of it here and there
through multiple movies, but where we will find her when next we run across her is
anyone's guess.
8. War Machine Lives

There was a lot of concern over the future of War Machine in recent months. In the
trailers we see that he takes a shot in mid flight and crash lands in a field looking to be in
not such great shape. In the movie we learn that he is in fact paralyzed from the ordeal at
the airport.

Never fear though because he is back walking again at the end of the movie, however
what will this mean for his future as War Machine? Rhodey like Hawkeye is a character
that has been around for quite some time, but you don't really know enough about him
yet. Maybe we will be able to get a War Machine solo movie in phase 4
9. Iron Man Out Of Retirement

Civil War sees ol' shellhead coming out of the retirement that we saw Tony go into at the
end of AOU. Given that he now leads the remainder of the heroes that make up the
Official Avengers, it would be safe to say that he now intends on once again taking an
active role on the going-ons of the world.

Seeing as he is in Spider-Man: Homecoming, it's possible that he intends on training up a
new generation of heroes to take his place in the future, which is something he has been
wanting since the events of Iron Man 3. Rumor has it that RDJ is up to once again having
a solo Ironman outing. and the threat of the real mandarin is still out there.
10. Avengers Reassemble

Thanos is coming, this has been known for quite some time. And with the Avengers
currently in the state they are it would seem that earth is nowhere prepared for the
impending attack. Granted there still need to be several Infinity Stones gathered before
he makes his way to earth for presumably the last stone implanted in the head of the
Vision, but we do know for a fact that he is already on his way.

The end of the movie sees Tony receiving a burner phone and a note from Cap letting
him know they will be there if needed. Though the personal rift between Tony and Steve
may never be repaired you can bet your ass that they will be brought together to Avenge
once more once the Mad Titan makes his way over to Earth. Kevin Feige has gone on
record saying that things will be much different going into phase 4. I can only image that a
lot of the heroes we have come to love are not going to be joining us in there.

No matter what the future holds it is safe to say that Captain America: Civil War did
exactly what it intended to do and has revitalized the MCU in a way that will keep us
watching for years to come.